Extension : The Extension Project consists of utilities designed to make it easier to parse Manifests to extract information relating to Specifications and "Optional Packages" aka Extensions.


ClassMan : The ClassMan toolkit is a set of utility classes that enable ClassLoader hierarchies to be constructed from xml configurations.


CLI : The CLI component is a set of classes that allow you to parse command line arguments. It parses command line arguments that conform to the GNU "standard" for command line arguments.


ConfigKit : This toolkit aims to provide a simple facade to validate xml based configuration files. It caches and manages the Schemas and is capable of scanning ClassLoaders for potential schema definitions.


Converter : The Converter project is a toolkit to help in converting objects of one type to another type. Conversion failure may result in default values or exceptions. Conversion also accepts an object "context" parameter which the application can pass to the converters so that the conversion process can convert in a specific context. For example converting String to File objects may take a File "context" object that is the base directory relative to which the String points.


JNDI Kit : JNDI Kit is a toolkit designed to help with the construction of JNDI providers. The toolkit also provides users with ready made memory based and rmi based contexts.


LoggerStore : Component for storing a DNA Logger hierarchy, abstracting the underlying logger implementation and configuration mechanims. ie Avalon LogKit, Log4J or JDK14 Loggers are possible implementations managed by this toolkit.

Salt Utility Library

Salt Utility Library : Salt is a library that provides several different utility classes. The classes have methods to manipulate files, input streams, work with little endian systems etc. There are also classes that make i18n easier, and utility classes to work with language level features such as Exceptions and Enumerations.


Netserve : Components useful for creating a Network Server. This includes an abstraction for creating sockets, an implementation of the Acceptor/Connector pattern from ACE for both stream based and packet based connections, etc.


ThreadPool : ThreadPool is a utility component that provides the user with ability to pool threads. The toolkit also provides easy mechanisms for users to customize the thread environment before and after it executes the work on the pooled threads.


XMLPolicy : The XMLPolicy toolkit is a set of utility classes that enable Policy objects to be constructed from xml descriptors.